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Pardon me if I mutter  We seem to be up to our necks in a lot of stuff a lot of clutter It’s all so amazing  I wonder if all these things are worth the time worth appraising Well I’ll just mention them now  I’ll bring them into evidence You can judge for yourself from the comfort of your residence  If you make an observation you’ll find bathrobes microbes space probes ice cubes feeding tubes revivals competitors your rivals late arrivals archivals an aneurysm a prism maybe some mysticism  For sure an organism and a converter a deserter an inverter along with tabloids androids hematoids and mastoids  Don’t overlook that fixture your denture all that moisture a rupture that trauma that unnecessary drama a period a comma Hokkaido and Fukuyama clots apricots compatriots nor ocelots either Here take a breather  Ok Pushing on we can see a mailer and postage a hostage all the foliage a lien a mortgage tons of asparagus things that are bogus a fungus sinister characters who lurk among us voyeurs lawyers generous employers entrees essays buffets a soiree a fillet Cozumel an infidel good ‘ol muscatel  that mushroom morel the scapula a clavicle people who are unethical mathematical and those things electrical  Then there’s Tripoli broccoli Monopoly Portugal and Sicily Sandhurst a cloud burst the well rehearsed Tolstoy the Bolshoi Antarctica a harmonica a little lady called Veronica the Pyrenees narrow balconies talent agencies and how could you not notice those funny speaking Aussies  That’s about it Looking over my notes I see there’s yet headquarters hand sorters importers a hand off a cast off a rip off a stand- off a show off carrion an Aryan a Wesleyan providence evidence insolence and turbulence Well that is it I have at last mercifully concluded Please forgive me if I appear to have brashly intruded

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  1. Another sterling composition from the Hermit…

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