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An executive order The Mad House From the desk of El Don :Too the paper industry Too much of our natural resources are going into making toilet paper when it should be better used elsewhere It is my thought that the paper the resources the energy consumed would  be better used if put into printing buying more copies of the new testament Not that old old old testament that those who are not like the vast majority of the rest of us use but  the new testament Not that stuff those mormans read with all of their wives Not that book about Ali or what ever but the NEW testament And by the way I should have won New Hampshire  San Juan and the Virgin Islands if it had been an honest election

Yes oooooh yes Lord let me Free as the mountain bear Free as the shark that swims the oceans free Free as the birds that loop the clouds Here take my sword my  hatchet my Clock my sub machine gun my grenades my armoured vest my Bowie knife brass knucks my switch blade my can opener my Boy Scout Manual my prized bird collection my sling shot my rocket launcher all my dynamite Here take my Winchester my AK 47 my cap pistol  but leave my picture of Roy Rogers alone

To those that read my blog and others This website is no longer user friendly at least not  to me I feel lost and frustrated WordPress repeatedly makes unannounced unexplained changes to its format I find it hard now just to  get something published after I have marked a article to be saved I have looked for a way to reach WordPress but I have failed to find  a means to privately express my concerns   I am not enjoying writing this anymore I welcome your help

What does that mean do you think Does that indicate that you have stopped thinking that some other mechanism takes over or maybe you weren’t thinking at all which is virtually impossible I think What do you think

Friday morning 2/10/17 The White House This just announced  An executive order has just been released banning all females living within the boarders of America as well as all those entering our great America from wearing slacks pants or pant suits jeans or any other apparel that hides distorts or alters their appearance as being female Women must look like women as God intended Our national security is at risk here We can not risk federal agents getting confused as to a person’s true identity when looking for suspected terrorists criminals  or grade school children who have skipped school  Signed El Presidente D J Trump

Somewhere in the land of Ozijema fewstooned  with telephone poles and all sorts of ugly drooping dangling wires overhad there was this man this fellow This rather large person rather taken with himself who went for a stroll whilst waking he took a nasty fall to the ground and split his head open All the words he ever knew all the thoughts he ever had came spilling out onto the ground In his delirium he managed to scarpe everything back into his head in a most unusual fashion so that everything got all mixed up Later on as the story goes he managed to get elected as Czar Don 1of this upside down kingdom

Are you distraught feeling alone isolated confused Are your gums bleeding Are you hallucinating Is your skin red and irritated Do you vote the Republican ticket Are you in general feeling mistrustful unsure of your surroundings Are you suffering from irritable bowel syndrome dyspepsia or a feeling of low esteem  Do you have night sweats swollen tonsils lock-jaw or sore open wounds What you need is a new set of Uni-Royal tires for that relaxed safe feeling Here’s a special deal for all you documented insomniacs Buy just six tires and get a fruit basket absolutely free Michelin The company that never tires

Have you ever seen an American Indian wearing glasses or one with a beard Ever see a short tall person  Did you ever know that Christopher Columbus never rode a motorcycle Did you ever in your life know that  every cob of corn regardless of its size always has a egual row of kernels Did you ever realize that you could cut down a tree in the forest using only dental floss if you have enogh time and a lot of floss Did you ever realize that tap water does not actually  tap Did you ever know that the Domican Republic spelt backwards makes no sense at all Well I swan Did you ever been aware of  how wonderful it is live on this planet replet with all the marvelous technology that we have to-day and all of those inventions and gadgets that are at our disposal Do you realize that you can virulally visit any restauant of your choosing and nearly always find a dumbwaiter  Did you ever

A yon Polish lad yearning for a beter life decides to immigrate to American When he arrives in New York City he realizes how much he sticks out in public how lost he is So he begins to study English He enrolls in a  night class in basic English He tries reading the newspapers listening to the news casts to the Sunday talk shows He goes to the public library to study words from the dictionary every day At last he feels confident he can fit easily into American society But now he needs new clothes new American clothes He can’t get anywhere wearing his immigrant rags So he goes into a nearby store  “Yes sir ‘says the clerk   “May I be of assistance ” “Why yes” replies the young Polish lad in perfect English “I am in need of some new clothes ” “I see” remarks the clerk crisply “I would likes a nice white oxford shirt with a button down collar  A well tailored light grey suit a matching silk tie a nice par of loafers some socks and some underwear would be good too “Tell me something” interrupts the clerk” You’re not from here are you You are a Polish immigrant aren’t you ” In shock the young lad says “Yes Yes I am but how did you know I have studied so hard to learn English to fit into America ” This sir” replies the clerk ” Is a hardware store “

Justus was served yesterday morning in Bloom Gardens California Twenty -three year old Tyrone Washington an obvious Afro -American disabled feeble-minded incoherent person deaf in both ears a definite threat to his community had the audacity the gall to ignore the warnings of patrolman Clark Kindlemister a seasoned officer of some three months a fine white as snow upstanding former alcoholic and frequent user of illegal drugs currently suffering with an involuntary central nertous system tick of unknown origin and showing an IQ level slightly higher than your average fire hydrant Officer Clark was in the process of a stop and search procedure After having ordered the suspect to the ground Tyrone as I said before dangerously bolted away from this mildly pregidous ignorant white police officer causing this right winged policeman to fire twenty- thtree rounds into the obviously threatening subject’s backside The Bloom Gardens police force has sent a bill to the offending person’s family asking for reinbursement for the cost of the twenty-three bullets used by the upstanding officer Kndlemister