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Hi  I M Cross here President of the Get Around Here’s my brother Kris Cross our older brother Red Cross and here’s a picture of our sister  She’s always cross  Right here is a picture of our factory just next to that street sign marked no crossing and right next to that parking lot marked no parking  We make that mobile electric chair the GET AROUND Now you can get outdoors and do all the things you’ve been wanting to do with relative ease Go rob a bank knock over a filling station stick up a hotdog stand All from the comfort of your GET AROUND And at little or no cost to you No job No problem No credit No problem Can’t spell your last name No problem Don’t speak English  No problem On life support No problem Don’t worry We’ll do all the paperwork We’ll fill out all the forms the applications We’ll deliver the chair right to you Nobody’s going to ransack your house steal your sterling hot wire your vehicle or shoot your dog either Rumors filthy rumors That’s all that is  Hey I almost forgot These chairs are built right here in America by Americans just like you  Almost like you Well not exactly So they are mental patients in a state-run institution for the criminally insane But they are happy they are busy and they are sedated Finally the big news for 2012 Our new hybrid GET AROUND Part pedal power part electric power After two hours of electric usage the battery shuts off and you start pedaling You’ll love the exercise Be seeing you around in your GET AROUND



  1. Amazing blog! I haven’t bumped on before in my surfing!
    Keep up the hard work! I think this video might be relevant to the page:


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