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How ’bout them try outs them put outs those clean outs those clear outs buy outs take outs pull outs all them strike outs break outs or them lay outs stake outs bail outs or them bust outs shoot outs cook outs drop outs or those brown outs and them black outs and all them look outs flame outs fall outs fly outs and them ground outs all them power outs them check outs tear outs them freak outs and turn outs and burn outs  and cast outs  too Don’t go and leave off them dug outs now I’m flat leaving ya hear I gotta get out



  1. That’s a lot to take in turn in dip in fall in fly in live in leave in slide in dive in.stay in make in break in or don’t have a pie tin to bake in. (Unless of course you’re already in and been itching to get back out.)


    • I think your response is spot on it’s right on Hope you stay on keep the replies on going and on we go on and on and on again


  2. Keep going. You’re both the word kings!


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