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So I had a slice of homemade gravy just like they serve in the navy It was tough but my hair was felling wavy Then I gets a call on my rolodex that I had stowed in my Rolex and I stopped to sharpen my index and then I dropped my reflex But that is out of context It was a short distance call from across the table She was smoking hot The fire department was right there to put the dame out I think I heard one of them singing “I don’t want to set the world on fire ” I’m not sure  Those firemen all sound the same to me She said I’m looking for my long-lost father You dust to gulp me She was speaking in tongue although I wasn’t sure whose tongue it was How long was he I casually asked as I put out the flames on my tablecloth I’m not quite sure she replied but they used to call him Shorty Who’s they I axed They is them Them guys with the flashing eyes They do that voodoo that they do so well Oh I see No no he was never on the high sea but he did live once in a place culled Willoughby in Calgary by the sea I feed to mind him be five it’s three late she whispered to me out loud as the firemen were breaking out the windows He knows where the Fall Tease Malcolm is The Maltese Falcon you say No I didn’t say Maltese Falcon what I said was the Fall Tease Malcolm Please pay attention I assure you madam there is nothing  wrong with my retention and I have never been held in abstention at least not anytime I care to mention Time for a bort shake What’s right will be left back in a link of the sky



  1. Smoking hot (will she ever have a name) and the good Captain are going to search for her father, right, I mean left after the shake in the link of the sky?


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