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1. Oliver Wendell  Holmes never met John Calvin Coolidge 2. Rutherford Birchard Hayes  could not spell his name backwards 3. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to wear his socks inside out out side of the White House  4. Theodore Roosevelt fell off his horse at age four and spoke with a lisp thereafter for he rest of his life on week=ends 5. Zachary Taylor never spent much time at the movies 6. Chester Allan Arthur never learned how to snow board 7. Stephen Woodrow Wilson never liked the noodles in Campbell’s chicken noodle soup 7.Althoigh John Fitzgerald Kennedy was right-handed he did not speak Swahili 8. James Abram Garfield  His passion was collecting butterflies Yes collecting butterflies and then eating them with cream chesse on a cracker

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  1. Now that Garfield fellow knew a gastronomical treat when he tasted one. Really, with Raskas cream cheese anyting tastes good.


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