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To gauge your level of word usage and proper understanding of word meaning : Use the word “debate ” in a sentence  Reply : I placed debate on de hook Report : Student shows a basic concept of word usage and shows an ability to exhibit new pathways to expression and the ability to grasp complex details involved in accomplishing certain tasks  Student grade: A



  1. There are places in this country that could benefit from this new analysis–think college entrance requirements, think making education more democratic and accessible, think New York Times best seller list, think fabulous confusion in armed forces world-wide. This endless discovery will no doubt rival Obama’s nobel peace prize! Congratulations!


  2. Good! Now let’s see how well your ‘A’ student,handles ‘defeat.’


    • Fine In the course of conversation with the A student who by the way is on an athletic scholarship for track and field I asked him how he dealt with defeat His reply : “Not to worry Generally defeat are the last thing to go over the hurdles or over the cross bar on the pole vault


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