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Leave us add things up We didn’t win in Korea We didn’t win in Vietnam In Somalia we landed on the wrong rooftop in one operation and came away without a win Then in Iran we had a failed rescue mission No win in Iraq and no win in Afghanistan either Maybe we ought to shut down all the military academies and start thinking about them  plow shares



  1. And now we’re losing at home as well. Make the world a better, safer place we’ve said. A place where you too can become as fat, stupid, lazy and wasteful as we. Yes, follow our lead, indeed, we cry! For there’s no better way to dispose of the fruits of life than to blindly, happily, piss them away. Don’t Tread On Me we said. But that was long ago. And those who dreamed of something better…who raised the flag and led the way? Well, little did they know how far we’d piss their dreams away.

    The American Military not so Mighty? That’s because to the flag of Freedom we’ve waved goodby and limply whispered: Nightly Night.

    So yes, you’re right. A dim memory is all that’s Left.


    • P.S. For example, “An Opulent Bet” – NY Times article published today re Jeff Greene: “A self-proclaimed progressive and former Democratic Senate candidate in Florida…” (Here’s the link:

      A little like Al Gore flying in his private jet to well-paid ‘speaking engagements’ re Global Warming; i.e., Hypocrisy writ large? Or Honesty, plainly writ.


    • I move the once proud American now be placed upon the endangered species list


    • I do not have the strength to tell you why but if you observe closely you will surely detect the tear drop that lingers there within my eye


  2. Wait up there a minute. You two are my heroes, right up there with George Carlin. So don’t go givin’ up on anything and please keep doing what you do!


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