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Are you onto something Are you on something Are you on thin ice Are you out on appeal or out on assignment or out on the town or I suppose you could be out on a limb or even out on probation even What is it that you have on your mind Did you ever turn on a dime or turn on the lights or the furnace or the air Uh Did ya uh Whose side are you on anyway Are you on your guard Are you on your way are you feeling on top Do we have you on record Would you like to stay on Would you like to put it on the cuff Do you have something on order or on call Did you see what’s on the menu Are you on point Ever been in on the ground floor Are things ongoing and are you marching onward or are things on toward Are you just going on and on and did I ask are you on to greater things or are you on the job or on the spot or on time or just out on a walk  Maybe you’re feeling like you’re really hot like you’re really on fire Are you on your best behavior or on the mend 0n the rebound Maybe you’re on the attack or on a special diet or on your last legs Ever been on call or on oxygen or on the witness stand or on death’s door Do you have anything on loan You could be walking on a fine line Do you have something cooking on the stove Ever do something mean on purpose Perhaps you’re on the way out or on the way back or up or down maybe you are on the move or on the mark or you could be on line or on notice or on target or on the hunt or on the lookout or on the outs You could be on a break for heaven’s sake Do you know what’s on tap or who’s on first Say who’s on next Are you on vacation or on leave or on orders on loan or on edge or on the cusp or on the verge of something or on a slippery slope or on balance Are you on pins and needles Are your feet on the ground Are you completely honest are you on the level Do you have your eye on the objective Can you keep your eye on the ball Are you acting on your own or on your own behalf Are you on track Didn’t I see you on the back of the bus or was it on TV or maybe I heard you on the radio On second thought There I go just carrying on I do hope you’re not putting me on You know I am on to you but are you on to me


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  1. I thought you would have guessed: on line!


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