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That’s what he said Take heed What he didn’t say was where to take it He didn’t say where i could stack it or store it or dump it just take it He didn’t bother to tell. me what it looked like or how much it weighed or how tall it was either So what if I did take this heed thing Would it be all mine Could I keep it could I trade it for something else What if I took it Would someone notice it was gone and call the police This heed I don’t think i want it Here you go Best be careful You take heed



  1. If you think that’s bad, imagine if he’d also added “play fair.” The two of those together would definitely help curl your hair.


  2. After my morning encounter, I really need to take heed because my stead, who’d had his feed took it upon himself to take the lead and since my cread prevents me from cursing I hung on but peed from fright and in the morning not nary a bead on wobbly head did appear and in the paper I did read I had freed the cows in farmer’s pasture not for gread but pure pleasure.


    • I suspect you meant “steed” instead? As with “peed” vs. “pead” the differences can occasionally be quite palpable. 😉


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