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We got people who are short-handed cattle clearly branded wood surfaces nicely sanded frequent flyers our own personal suppliers hair driers first home buyers hot wires and a guy his name is Myers We got catheters amateurs saboteurs and carpenters and exhibitors Along with a contest a slug fest a request a padded arm rest ruffians scorpions bulletins and bedouins a vulture a subculture an archer a puncture a rupture people in rapture a torn ligature and people who naturally nurture We can find people who are abrasive who are abusive intrusive and those who are accusative Kevin Costner Steven Foster a team roster caribou teramisu those we find who are true blue athletics esthetics epileptics an expert tailor students from Baylor an Airstream trailer the Antilles hill bellies the Philadelphia Philles and people who give you the willies plus conjugal visits juicy ted bits sharp-looking outfits in addition to pleasantries vestries ministries the sacraments incidents and all the egregious misstatements  hand warmers barn stormers social workers and reformers Also we got here pork chops lollypops farm crops satisfying  refreshments rapid river torrents federal allotments consume a hand written resume pay-day people who whisper ixnay big bruisers sore losers police cruisers lots of pollen paraffin naphthalin and lastly a toxin Neville Chamberlin a munchkin and all of those who are affiliated assimilated or exasperated and all of those who have faltered or hesitated


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