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News flash This just in Late this afternoon a man crossed over the state line into Mississippi from Alabama with a banjo on his knee Early reports are sketchy It is not clear how he crossed over He could not have driven over with a banjo strapped to his knee and the Mississippi and Alabama state police both assure us that they would not have allowed sanctioned or permitted any operator of any vehicle to motor on their state highways encumbered with an instrument as obstructive as a banjo had they been aware of such a thing It is not clear at this point who manufactured the banjo nor is it understood if the individual himself attached the banjo or if it was the work of the Klan which has been quite active in the area At this juncture we are assuming the individual must have crossed over on foot with this banjo on his knee fastened or attached in some bizarre fashion One can only guess at how painful this must have been considering  that he has asked us all not to cry for him An unconfirmed eye-witness described as having a buckwheat cake in her mouth and a tear in her eye told this reporter that the gentleman in question here was on his way to Louisiana to see a young lady named Susanna -last name not given or known so far Speculation abounds as to the motive of this painful journey Some say it was a prearranged internet dating scheme while others speculate it was an effort to commit a revenge murder for a love gone wrong As we have already stated we are in the early stages of this investigation and  will give further details as we receive them


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  1. To be congratulated on investigative journalism. At least you admit to speculation–kudos!


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