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Look and see Maybe there’s a jacket or a gasket a bucket a piece of carpet a lost locket a trinket a cutlet a goblet or a goslet a faucet a droplet or a driblet your bonnet your bracelet a bassinet a brisket a half-eaten omelet an anklet a folded blanket a hidden asset a lost couplet a shooting comet a giblet a tablet a target or maybe there’s a trumpet a tappet a pipet a nugget your mullet an empty pocket a piglet a dreaming poet some velvet a widget a rocket an old musket a stone a pellet a magnet a leaflet there could be a hatchet or a sprocket or a packet or some typeset or someone hiding named Janet or Margaret or a bent wicket or a moppet  or there might be a Muppet or a doublet or a dead Capulet or a World War One bayonet or a spent bullet or a plain oak casket or your misplaced wallet or a flynet or a lovely white egret Look and see what’s in the closet



  1. I looked and found to my dismay over forty years of accumulations in disrepair and sordid disarray. So I lit a match, dropped it on the floor then closed the door and walked away. The smoke I’ve heard could be seen for several days, and from very far away.


    • So tell me when the fire department came in your defense what did you have to say


  2. Uh, you’re not listening–he “walked away!” Yeah!


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