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Yes that’s right Here’s a few things I have failed to mention They each have their own life their own dimension Things such as St Francis improper advances tall grasses escaping gasses fragile finances land masses demitasses bypasses roller coasters wanted posters  braggers and boasters fruit picked out of season kids teasin’ arguments started for no good reason union dues kangaroos brand new shoes and let us note all the lives that get broken people who are soft-spoken an antigen estrogen certain practices that are forbidden certain laws that get overridden calluses spot on analysis paralysis and hemodialysis chance encounters quarter pounders guppies bass and flounders a tabloid your thyroid a dendroid an android plus all those characters you want to avoid and all those who are sacrilegious or overly ambitious who stand out who are auspicious who are really mean really vicious Also you can buy those scrub pads that are Brillo watch clouds billow eat that Spanish dish called peccadillo or play the piccolo or smoke a cigarillo and don’t you leave out lots of people you might know who just want to say hi there hello Now I need to point out a dog trainer a no brainer a constant complainer things that have top priority the vast majority workers with seniority the local authority a fact finder notes written as a reminderTom Brokaw those who have the know how a sea scow barn stormers bottle warmers a pterodactyl those who are tactile and there’s theory and practice prophylaxis people who attract us a common denominator an exterminator a bomb a detonator your elders ship welders decoders policy holders cold shoulders and also we got free clinics endemics asthetics othodonics psychodynamics those of us who are incredible markers that are indelible and lots of plants that are inetable which is too bad very regrettable We also should list here moon landers Ann Landers goslings and ganders pace setters go getters love letters all the people who are simpatico all those who shout out “way to go” and all those you’d like to strand out on an ice flow Ponderosa the Cosa Nostra dictators dumb waiters innovators earth quakes cup cakes milk shakes skull dugery every day drudgery emergency surgery plus all them tool boxes match boxes lock boxes and all them pill boxes too and all those whom you know or don’t know who happen to be smart an upstart a bit part Slovakians mole skins the Kardashians navy grog a fire-place log a personal blog as well as the city of Prague Then we got your optimists your pessimists your extortionists all your play lists a foundry a belfry a boundary a top advisor an early riser people who willingly give a deposition people who pose an imposition and all those who are in no condition the fine city of Philadelphia and spina bifida people who fight for a cause single-handed street gangs that break up that get disbanded food stuff that gets mislabeled or misbranded and there are those things that are not exactly up to your liking there’s a Dane there’s a Viking and people who go hiking There’s cognac your sacroilliac an ambrosiac Amtrak space heaters man eaters and them trick or treaters Shenandoah Samoa and millions of protozoa In addition we got a girl right here name of Hanna We got Atlanta and Savannah the Tropicana and the state if Indiana We got Anaheim Azusa and Cucamonga Lady Ga Ga the salsa and the conga I suppose it only proper to now list those that often skididle as well as those who love to play the fiddle and those who seem always to get caught in the middle and then there’s Count Dracula your scapula and the uvula Calgary Edminton and Vancouver a slat a louver also flight clubs the Chicago Cubs flub dubs hospital scrubs hedges and shrubs as well Let us tack on right here Niagara Falls shopping malls and china dolls So there you have it That’s the lot There ain’t no more That’s all I got


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