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I want my next car to go zoom zoom I want it to run on electricity or hydrogen or kitchen grease  or steam or solar energy or Log Cabin syrup you know And it has to be red and I want to race at over 100 miles per hour over salt flats and up ramps into a moving trailer truck and I want to push a button and the entire roof flips off into the atmosphere and automatically adjusts the driver’s seat every 30 days and lets me shave with one hand and I want that car that gives me 42 miles highway YES HIGHWAY THAT’S WHAT THEY KEEP TELLING YOU HIGHWAY You know why Cause no one drives in the city anymore  It’s not safe to drive city That’s where you get drive by shootings car jacking road rage and other cars slaming into you speeding through red lights and police chasing stolen cars at high speeds through narrow crowded city streets and besides what they are never ever going to tell you you will only get 8 or 9 miles city And I want a car that I can drop to the ground from a  crane  as tall as a 25 story building clear a little dust off the shattered windshield and tow it off to the scrap yard And I want lights Lots of lights Glove box lights dome lights spot lights night lights warning lights signal lights dash lights running lights search lights flashlights  porch lights kerosene lanterns torch lights headlights bumper lights runway lights lighthouse lights rescue flares water proof matches cigarette lighters oven lights  tail lights trunk lights reading lamps Lights man! I want lights I need lights Be safe stay safe Drive that car on the side-walk like I do



  1. I definitely get my best speed (and mileage) driving my (solar powered) computer on the internet. And WOW! Talk about lights! Absolutely stellar! 😉


  2. No, not a car–a bot as in the Russians are Coming!


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