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For whatever reason I hadn’t been there for quite sometime So yesterday I decided to go here for lunch Man oh man was it good or what  I packed it away I shoveled it in I stuffed myself I crammed it in I couldn’t stop I was eating faster than the kitchen was cooking The staff  went into panic mode I was breaking all  gstro-economic records  They had to hire more cooks order more food Wholesale delivery trucks began lining up outside for blocks Famine was declared in certain Indian provinces  Indian and Pakistani envoys signed a temporary peace agreement I had to dip my fork in a glass of cold water from time to time to cool it off After three hours I was getting full bloated I was near nausea I was in early stage one of catastrophic vomiting  Mounds and mounds of rice wren set before me CBS Evening News sent in a camera crew Medics were standing by Firemen were busy putting out the blazing fire from the overheated kitchen stoves They had to shoot me in the neck with a tranquilizer dart to stop me It was fantastic It was heaven It was A number one  It was world class  eats Think I’ll go back tomorrow for a little dinner



  1. Look at it this way–keep eating, media keeps paying attention, Congress declares you a terrorist because attention has been diverted from them. If you win Congress loses their base and the base join you at your favorite Indian restaurant. Brilliant strategy!


  2. Here comes leaky gut syndrome


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