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This week archeologists digging amongst the fired ruins of a Harlem night club dated somewhere around  1929 to possibly 1931 have found an inscription scratched into the  partial remains of the only standing wall of the club  Scientists state they have determined that the inscription reads out as best they can tell as RAZZMATAZZ Cryptographers are working hard interviewing long time residents to determine the exact meaning To date researchers have been meet with mistrust and suspicion in the community Senate Republicans threaten to cut off Social Security payments withdraw federally funded area social workers and ban all sales of barbecue beef until cooperation is fourth coming Meanwhile local police maintain close observation of all motorized ice cream vendors in the immediate vicinity


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  1. Yeah, I told those vendors that motorizing the vehicles would just call attention to them. The bicycle model was still available and after they ate the leftover ice cream, they really needed to put the foot to the pedal or medal to the pedal or some such diatribe but I’m sure you know what I mean. Right? If you’re interested, I could make you a really good deal!


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