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I had a dream or was it a story sort of an allegory sort of bloody sort of gory Sometimes there is no frame there is no glory It’s about no it concerns no it involves  a guy name of Thomas T Thomas The T is for Tom Folks called him Tom Tom Had quite the beat as he walked down the street Notice how everybody always walks down the street nobody ever walks up the street Which is kind of odd but kind of neat Tom Tom looked kind of odd even when he was in drag Now his mother was a scream or so it would seem She was always screaming if you know what I meam She hit poor Tom over the head with this heavy beam Locked her up ( or was it down ) and threw the sky away Now she’s down in the Everglades selling double-edged peanuts and salty razor blades least that’s what I herd some elephants say  Tom Tom is in a days most Mondays and Tuesdays On Winsdays he has kippers and mends broken zippers and will sell you a pair of slippers once worn by Coal Porter in the movie HAVE IT YOUR WAY if you know what I mean if you can hear what I say We are all sinners here so there is no disgrace This here is Gilda and the other one there her name is Grace She’d have a pretty glow but she has grease all over her face Boy she sure is something she sure is a case  She’s selling salty elephants and single-edged peanuts down by the bayou and by you and you to But don’t take it personal it just can’t be helped Her mother was a torment worked mostly in cement and was always late with the rent Last I hurt she was training for the Belmont Stakes They say you’ll due anything when you are hungry Just ask anybody living in Hungry they’ll tell you straight it’s just plain fate There’s no debate which is why you can’t catch defish without debate Well it’s getting late someday I hope it gets early wouldn’t that be a scream if you no what I mean Now Tom Tom’s mother was quite a dream I have nightmares about her all the time or sew it would seam if you know what I mean His name was Brad B Bradley The B was for Because I have to stop here I have to pause I need some iodine and a roll of gauze I cut my wooden leg on some rusty old saws If you know what I mean



  1. Brilliant! (And thanks for the ‘leg up’ on using my saw. Next time I cut a limb I’ll make damn sure its made of wood!)


  2. I just finished every one of them and all I can say to this is I agree with Lawson, brilliant and the best of the lot.


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