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A group of entomologists in Oxford after studying a nearby beehive for the last several years have discovered that bees communicate with one another with the use of a highly evolved ” language” or signals if you will termed buzz words


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  1. Yes, but what’s little understood is that it is the length of each buzz that determines the unique meaning of each specific ‘buzz word.’ For example, ‘buzzz buz’ might mean ‘screw you’ whereas ‘buz buzzz’ would then mean ‘you screw.’ But to understand the meaning of any specific sequence of buzzing, researchers would then have to learn how to directly relate the length of each buzz to a unique activity. Unfortunately, no researcher has yet been able to remain awake long enough to achieve that end…much less accurately define a comprehensive ‘buzz word’ dictionary. However, it has recently been announced that a new type of ‘attention deficit disorder’ drug is now being developed to help researchers achieve that goal.


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