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And there she stood on the mountain top Flowers in her hair Flowers she had planted there just last Lent The seeds carefully collected from kitchen waste Ask not of your lege or so it is written And the night is dark and the dark grows darker still Beware the still it tippeth over as a mighty force  and the runner is out at third base Beware of those base thoughts they are baseless even useless so use them less and conserve thy bounty for days  of enlightenment  are coming so spoke Edison youngest son of Thor Scuse me sire art thou Thor  Just a little I have sent for Bengay but I am told that Ben was well you know And so it was written down through the ages across the parking lot and on to bigger and biter things Some were prone to mix a bitter batter using better butter Wait don’t answer that prone I am after all on the no prone list and I feel the sock market is going up Up to the mountain top where the flowers are drenched with honey and Armor All And down in the valley where the blue bloods glow where heaven and earth collide and the casino slot machines pour forth their bounty upon the floor as in the Grapes of Raft page twenty-two so it was written What then is the meaning of this Where is the message Hark I say Caste your glaze there upon the ramparts Observe the sign  “NO PARKING ” No greater truth has been spoken no vows have been broken and so with this token I shall ride the Boston transit forever with only a sandwich for comfort So it was written


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  1. Just a bit of clarifcation–I do believe that Thor’s wife is Bengay disguised as a man due to the Supreme Court’s idiocy about gender and wanting to abort but realizing the Court failed to understand that all the useless meandering about sex and it’s control was a failed separation of church and state. Also, on page 22 of the Grapes of Raft, it was George who posted the “no parking” sign. Be advised.


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