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When you are on edge buy a dredge Buy one get one free Buy two and we will double your purchase Buy three and you are on your own Makes a perfect gift for the vanquished the down trodden the clueless the second class passengers the vile and your mother-in-law


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  1. Wow, you must have read Swamplandia a promising novelist’s tale about a family in the Florida Everglades. The young children are homeschooled and the mother teaches one of the daughters how to wrestle gators. Unfortunately the mother dies (cancer not gators) and the son (17) leaves to find a job in order to save the gator farm from foreclosure. The other daughter (not the gator fighter) becomes enamored by a ghost from the past (as in early 1800’s) and leaves on a journey to marry him. This ghost was a dredgeman on a barge that exploded, killing all crew and the turkey buzzard lifts the ghost’s body, carrying it off.The gator fighting sister hooks up with “Birdman”, a sinister charcter who promises to find the missing sister on a trip to the underworld. The only discovery for gator fighting sister is loss of her maidenhood. Oh, so purchasing a dredge would cause a shipping dilemma and once it arrives, the need for a body of water to float the baby would be required. Also, make sure, once purchased that the dredge is not inhabited by ghosts attracting buzzards! By the way, the kids were happily united wih their father who was working at a casino to also save the gator farm.


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