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Why Why you say Ahmen Men Them the ones who kill who slaughter who make war who tear asunder who disrupt that bring death and destruction Don’t you say Ahmen Say you AhWomen Women Them the ones that pray for peace who show feelings love and tenderness Them the ones who nurture who protect who heal who cry over loss Them the ones whose tears have soaked this earth our crops have raised up in to feed those left behind with wounds of hate seen and unseen of the body of the mind I say  say you AhWomen Say it loud Say it clear AHWOMEN Yes AHWOMEN Say it Sing it Believe it Feel the warmth the power the comfort It shall sustain you Yes Yes it will



  1. The reason for Ahmen=Jesus, a man; Mohammed, a man. What were their mothers thinking? They were thinking where is transgender when I need it?


  2. Much too deep for me.


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