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Mourning Sir Yes I know You know sir It is something they call instinct I think Well there’s a bright golden haze on the meadow sir Is there Are you sure Very mush so sir The corn sir Yes what of the corn Well sir the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye Yes go on The laudanum is gone sir The laudanum is gone Are you sure Quit sir Search the grounds immediately We can’t do that sir You can’t search the grounds Is that what you are saying Quiet sir And why can’t  you search the grounds  I’m afraid sir we are all out of coffee But they have a lot of coffee in Brazil I’m told Maybe we could get tea for two Weight call my taylor I have a pressing engagement I have volunteered to row row my bolt gently ever so gently down the seam over the rainbow across Moon River by the old mill stream Are you shear sir Good God man Don’t you know you never can win Use you mentality wake up to reality But sir  the reality market is off this morning sheep are up two and a third pork bellies are flat Pork bellies are flat Very well then meat me in Saint Louie Louie a little curl waits for me Catch a ship across the sea Never know if I make it home Home sir is where the heart is sir No that is falls Home is where the buffalo roam Through the kitchen the living room the dinning room Is it any wonder we are dancing in the dark You know some fellows look and find the sunshine I always look and find the rain  Two be continued You think



  1. Well I hope that Somewhere Over The Rainbow there is a pot because I have to go and can’t hold it Miss after which we shall go Dancing In The twilight so lighthearted that we shall feel as if we are Climbing Aboard A moth Taking Off On The Breeze and then you shall Belong To My Heart Now And Forever and Every Time It Rains It Rains nickles From Heaven with enough for an Evening In Paris where my eyes will become Misty when I gaze into yours and as Time Goes By you shall forever be Pego My Heart and yes now It’s A Blue World because it is over but I Remember You in The Still Of The Night As I Sit By My Window pondering my next trip…..down Route 66


  2. So does this mean the two of you will soon have a commitment ceremony? Just remember, they closed St. Joe.


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