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Just this morning 5-4-15 a Huffington Post headline read – Around 100 bodies found in Nepal Trekking village In keeping with the vague inaccuracy of the headline it should have read “Around 100 bodies found in Nepal somewhere between China and India Which sort of begs the idea that the 100 bodies could have only been found if someone had lost 100 bodies in the first place Now as I see it ” 100 hundred bodies involves math Math is an exact science So when you count it is either 100 or it’s not Saying “around” is totally inaccurate It’s sloppy slipshod uncaring deceiving Maybe it was 101 or 102 or ninety-five bodies recovered unearthed or discovered So maybe no one really counted up to about 100 Maybe only an estimate was taken you know approximately sort of about or near 100 Or maybe there wasn’t around 100 bodies at all Maybe it wasn’t Nepal either and you know what Maybe I didn’t read that headline at all Maybe


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  1. Good points. Science has been lost to many, some of whom are in governing positions. Isn’t that a “100% scary thought?


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