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The sea it churns relentlessly it seeks to cut through my skin But I hold on tight I vow not to give in Where does it all start Where does it all begin and does it ever end as I swear never to give in never to bend Now moving onward staying inward straying wayward silently without a murmur without a word spoken to any mortal and company to none The sea yet churns relentlessly waiting for me while I stand firm ashore buffeted by rolling tides striking me at high waist wishing to take me down and back to sea back to where it all begins and perhaps ends As Neptune seeks me out I too so seek where Neptune begins For I shall damn it up dry up the sea and then walk head bowed cross the sea floor littered with the many wrecks the many bones and up onto the dry heavens through some ethereal door where now it all begins where it all ends  Or will I It all depends


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