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Hillary Rotten Clinton She’s the one She’s got it She understands this climate exchange Iceberg float thing  She understands this methane gas emission explosion coming from the NFL half time bands thing Not to worry The rising sea bevel threatening the New York harbor She has a plan Genius Pure genius Thompson’s Water Seal Hillary Rotten Clink Some A name some would say is right up there with Eva Braun Axis Sally Hanoi Hanna Ma Barker Tokyo Rose Lizzie Borden and the ever popular Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde Not to worry Hillary is hot Or maybe not



  1. Not to worry, rumor has it that Nancy Reagan is seriously thinking about entering the race, and is expected to give Hillary an uphill run for the money!


    • Exactly That is precisely what any political event is about to-day A run for the money


      • In Plato’s Republic it was decided that the most important criteria for choosing a new leader was that they didn’t want the job. Anyone who did was thus immediately disqualified. 😉


  2. If Hillary is rotten as you say, then I suppose you will stick with Ted Cruz, huh?


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