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1. Snow White And The Eighth Dwarf  A True Story  2. So You Think You Know Your Butcher  3. Why Do Trombone Players Live Longer Than Trumpet Players 3. Car Seats A Breeding Ground For Bacteria  4. The Link Between Taller African Pigmies And Climate Change  5. What Did NSA Do With All Those Pay Phones  6. Outdoor Grills That Pollute The Air You Breathe  7. Why Lamas Are Disappearing From Nebraska  8. The Vermont School Crossing Guard Caught With Twenty-three Fishing Boats In His Basement 9. The Man Who Lived in But Could Not Spell Satkatsewan 10. WhyThere Are No Municipal Statues Honoring A Gay Or Lesbian  11. The GOP Can Prove Oprah Winfrey Does Not Exist 12. The Wild Hidden Lives Of Polish Grave Diggers


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