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It’s about a Ken Burns documentary I was wondering if I was reading that right Should that read a Ken Burn’s documentary or a Ken Burn documentary or is his last name actually Burns Meaning he is one of many Burn you know the Burns Well anyway the documentary would be about a Zulu warrior who never ate tasted digested or saw a hamburger in his entire life and how that impacted village life and his environment  How that influenced his needs for other things such as small boxes napkins ketchup trash cans How all of a sudden people all over Africa needed to come to his village and build many places throughout the jungle where he could stop and get a hamburger In this case it would be noted that they didn’t have to cook the burger because the average Zulu didn’t know beans about a hamburger cooked or uncooked So there was this huge savings on an investment in kitchen equipment and they could sell these burgers dirt cheap The Zulu began to get obese He soon stopped hunting and the jungle animal population began to explode and start hunting the Zulus Tarzan lost Jane Lawrence of Arabia was accused of trying to sell his camels for hamburger meat and Dr Livingston got a part-time job swatting flies at  de” humbugger joint ” He was later inspired to write that popular song about Shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy Ken Burns An African Experience PBS Thursdays



  1. Hummm, I think you probably meant de “hambugga joint” as there are not yet any ‘r’s used in Afica. Besides, as in most places (perhaps with the exception of San Francisco), bugger(ing) is not considered a legitimate means of procreation.


  2. The noble Zulu warrior, better known as Zies (sweet) by his Jewish girlfriend didn’t know how well off he was: no polution, no GMO’s, no insecticidies, no internet breakdowns, no identity theft by hackers/government, no treadmills, exercise equipment because running through the forests, forging streams, chasing animals kept Zies fit and this is what attracted Zoftic (his Jewish girlfriend) who on the other hand was not fit for all the reasons Zies was fit. Many might predict disaster looming as the young lovers spent more time together (technology/progress/civilization?) corrupting the relationship but many are wrong. This was not a Romeo and Juliet woeful tale because the god of Israel prevailed and caused to rise up walls (think Israel/Netanyahu) that separated the two cultures. Zies and Zoftic enjoyed pursuing love and health selling minimum subscriptions to the good life and became acclaimed as the found lost tribe. You, too, can enjoy these stories by a short trip to Colorado!


    • Hilarious! And soooo true! This bit of history will keep me laughing all day! (He says, as he immediately begins to Google real estate in Aspin.)


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