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For all those who thrash around in the trash and litter I shall say let us all lock hands in solidarity or in Pennsylvania  If you are foot loose or if your foot is loose it matters not so long as your shoes are tightly tied and your bed is pointed due north  Forget not those who are  transparent  for they shall need all the Windex bequeathed to them by those who have solar-powered flashlights as it is written Together acting as one we shall all sally forth for a fifth and muddy the waters and tomorrow may never come and all showers shall cease as we now know them Surely June shall rise in the East and all the sinners amongst us shall either smoke a bong or sound the gong as it was written so say Ezra of the golden slums Be of good cheer for we shall find redemption at the checkout counter even though aisle nine is closed while the overpass is under construction Please note here within to wit hence forth for ever more construction can oft-times be over and riots can break out so it is that we find that for a few it could be a good time to break in and experince a little stale air Again we say have your tickets ready and have the correct change for a change Contrary to popular belief it is far better to receive than to give especially when one has in their possession rather large shopping bags for these are hard times and I see you hardly working and the waters around us are also hard I know it’s hard water cause I see little children ice skating in July or is that Pennsylvania and don’t forget tap water as additional proof of what I am saying For you see if the water wasn’t hard you could not tap it now could you That is the value if an investigative mind Till next time remember to undue to others before they try to undue you








  1. Sound advice! Literally. (He says as he stretches out to position himself as a welcoming, open-armed receiver.)


  2. I’ve ordered cases of Windex for all branches of government, Federal, State, local–what a grand solution and probably less costly than re-doing those pesky voter registration laws, don’t you think?


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