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Ground swell I remember once I think I was at the time twenty-four or I may have been fourty-two and I had this terrific hamburger I thought to myself because I was alone as my mother had given me up for adoption or as a prize in a raffle some thirty years ago as I was saying previously I had thought this hamburger was ground swell I really liked it a lot moms dearest


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  1. So you were zero or eighteen when you remeber the hamburger being ground to your satisfaction? Not that I want to nit pick, even though you did not mention nits (or gnats) in the hamburger thank goodness or we would be having a dfferent conversation. But back to the subject at hand, your age is important because you couldn’t have “ground swell” if you were not even on this planet; however, we can’t discount the unborn fetus. As you know, some people think there’s life even before conception. I’m really hoping you’re not one of those wingnuts. So nice chatting with you.


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