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How come when I go shopping for clothes they never have what I am looking for Why is that How Come It’s either what I want is out of style or out of stock They don’t make that anymore or it’s too long or too short or too tight They don’t have the color I am looking for I want something in a two button and they only have a three button I am looking for a full sleeve they only show a cuffed sleeve I want something in a thermal or heavyweight Sorry pal there’s only light weight How come I am looking for stripes there is only plain or checkered I am looking for checkered they only have stripes Why is that How about a button down collar You must be kidding pal button down went out with the Model T I think I want a large Sorry only got small or xl in that right now How come  It’s got these split side vents which I absolutely deplore or pletes when I don’t want them or need them velcro instead of a zipper or a belted front which I don’t like or wool when I want a soft cotton Why is that How come So I find something I have to settle for take it home and the first time I wash it it shrinks a button falls of a seam splits or it fades in spots or the zipper sticks or breaks apart and I have lost the receipt How come Why is that



  1. That’s why most people wore next to nothing for several thousand years. So, maybe we spend too much time dressing up…or is it just another example of our growing dedication to dumbing up? I suspect the latter. 😉


  2. The answer is leaves: color, texture and best when attached to branches and twigs and bark.


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