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I couldn’t have been more than four and a half years old or nineteen tops when I first saw John Wayne whose real name was Mickey Mouse by the way Wow What a make up job that was Anyway he was in this movie Loathsome Cowboy See there he was lost in Central Park no food no water only one thing to do He ate his horse Lucky for him he had this bottle of ketchup hidden in this old coffee pot Then comes a flashback John Wayne is sitting in a saloon and he doesn’t say a word for four hours The camera closes in and you watch his hair grow for the entire fours hours What a movie What an in…… CUT ! CUT ! CUT !



  1. When John was six he met Gene Autry. He than died. Then at forty he met Roy Rogers. Well now……Dale fell in love with John since for years Roy was in love with Trigger. Dale used to follow John around the movie lot because she loved the way he waddled along. Yes siree bob.


  2. Who’se Bob?


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