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Tiger Woods nearly eighty-five and trailed by his duly licensed emergency medic / caddy approaches the first tee He stops adjusts his cap He drops his tee and the golf ball he was holding seems to roll out of his hand Now he bends to pick up the tee his cap falls to the ground Holding on to his caddy he picks up the golf ball and his cap Now he adjusts both sleeves and shoulders of his shirt splitting a seam underneath one arm He reaches for his driver and somehow it falls to the turf With a quick motion he snatches up the  club and in so doing he knocks over the golf bag his caddy is carrying  Now he takes one step back makes a practice swing and the club comes flying out of his hands Being the pro that he is he remains calm and takes a sip from his plastic water bottle which now collapses due to long and constant use Now he reaches for a towel to dry himself off and in the process loses possession of the towel He adjusts his shirt straightens his cap a little puts on his golf glove takes another practice swing and breaks his ankle Tiger Woods eighty-five and still playing If only he could get past the first tee



  1. Sounds like a guy I know…………Michael


  2. Soon assisted living facilitites will come replete with golf courses. Hold on Tiger, hope is in sight.


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