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Some things I couldn’t help but notice I present them to you now hoping they will give you a little focus How about snickerdoodles white-haired poodles oodles of noodles plagues that are bubonic a gin and tonic people who are ill who are chronic things that are ironic sounds that are sonic and what about people who are transgender all the things you don’t remember August and September steaks that are tender  a pay-day lender a hot tamale vendor obstacles that hinder and tin foil all those in turmoil your native soil a copper coil people name of Doyle the rules of poker according to Hoyle plus twitter a baby sitter a fritter stuff that tastes bitter kitty litter  a union pipe fitter baby back ribs people who tell fibs people who holler dibs playpens and cribs and all those who are drab or look absolutely fab or who work in a lab or drive a cab or those who should be in rehab or those poor souls dead laid out on a slab Let’s look at Costa Rica Hutcheson and Topeka the Aztec the Mayan and the Inca sauce reduction a kidnapping an abduction on site construction spontaneous combustion and leave us not leave out cold cuts deep ruts stray mutts mud huts short puts cigarette buts  a team booster a barn yard rooster Slim Pickens Charles Dickens home loans that are Quicken’s hidden facets your total assets hounds that are bassets prisoners seeking an early release constant complainers who never seem to cease a broken lease your final peace a bad habit those who cohabit those whose last name is Cabbitt or maybe it’s Babbitt newly laid sod guys first name Todd tipsters giving you the nod and then in addition there’s jabberwocky Milwaukee a walkie-talkie a spending spree and then as always there’s you and me


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