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The Patriot Act America recognizes all patriots who can act What a place What a country What a time Did you know patriots can act America salutes you The Patriot Act See it at a theater near you If there’s not a theater near you charter a plane ride the bus board a train surf out snow board to a theater near someone else The Patriot Act  Live on stage in wide screen narrow screen  No screen we all screen for eyes Cream By partisans for partisans at your local I-Hop Dairy Queen Jiffy Lube  or on Facebook  or Farcebook To-day tomorrow On line off line but don’t cross the line Drop me a line Ever thin will be fine Drop me a dime I’ll be fine The Parrot Act Good with chips even gooder with a libation or a drink I think  The Patriot Act That’s a fact Jack



  1. All of which will be nothing compared to the soon to be forthcoming street-filling performances of the new Riot Act…


  2. Patriots don’t act this way….do they?


  3. The American Revolution helped us revolt against England. The Civil War helped inch us away from slavery (that’s still not done). World War I helped us enter the big boy arena. World War II launched us as a world power. Korea helped us divide and conquer. Vietnam promoted our drug usage and showed us how indiscriminate “patriots” can be. Iraq allowed our military industrial complex to replace our government. The World Trade Center fine tuned our ablity to act like monsters as in one nation under god. Really? Today, gridlock should be replaced by goldilocks because I think the three bears could be much more fun, not to mention compassionate! Let’s see, were we talking about, oh yes, patriots! Wow, don’t I feel better.


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