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This is Radio Exodus Serving all of Egypt Good morning all you infidels out there Here’s the latest from the weather room We are expecting rain accompanied by a down pour of frogs all over the land for to-day and the next nine days Hard to believe but it’s true Some of you may have seen the river turn to blood recently so you know we’re not joking here Pharaoh has sent out a team of sorcerers to investigate but in the meantime we advise you to take an umbrella with you if you are going outside  Wait this just in from God’s regional office All jews owning sacramental lambs are directed to smear the blood of one such animal above their doorway Seems a bit odd but there it is  Meanwhile the chief rabbi of Jerusalem directs all synagogues in the land of Egypt to remain open Monday through Friday 9 AM to 7 PM and Sundays 12 noon to 5 PM to convert all non-Jews seeking relief from the frogs A free box of matzos will be given each convert while supplies last Now here’s a message from Moses of the Bronx : And we quote: LET MY PEOPLE GO unquote Stayed tuned for further developments   We’ll have a remote broadcast coming up from the Red Sea


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  1. This is definitely going to my drama class on Monday!


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