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Jack the Sheik Prefab Pyramid Corp No windows to clean no leaking gutters to worry over no cheap vinyl siding no wood rot It’s a pyramid  Be the first on your block to own a pyramid No lawns to mow Moth proof Never paint again  So what’s the point Exactly friend It’s a pyramid sport All major credit cards accepted  All minor credit  cards excepted You got Red Cross Blue Cross AARP We’ll take it  We’ll bake it we’ll fake it  Drive your caravan in to-day No mill dew no clogged gutters or drain pipes No ripped wood shingles Some hieroglyphics still available with some models Eight or nine chamber models your choice Dry or dank we got it Want flying bats live camels we got it Air conditioning We got it Jack the Sheik Lookin good Lookin sleek


One Comment

  1. I would like to try one but would need a tornado proof guarantee? Of course, I would imagine (do let me imagine) that the top few floors know as the peak might prove perfect for those relatives who over stay their welcome. Let’s talk!


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