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I have a hippopotamus I think his name is Gus I guess Oh I know that all this sounds a bit preposterous but I myself think it hilarious and it makes me feel really really glorious Just look at him He is in fact enormous which in fact makes him all the more fabulous It is a tad humorous having my very own hippopotamus  You know he is shall we say conspicuous but we do seem to be wonderfully harmonious If you are feeling envious  a little curious why not get your own hippopotamus It would serve you well to stand oblivious to all those who will think this undertaking dangerous outrageous even scandalous and please do not tell anyone I suggested it as I would wish to remain anonymous



  1. If I decide to get one can we get a deal on hippopotami, now don’t lie, just heave a sigh and get on with the buy before I try to dissuade the small fry from their eyes that pry so wait a minute while I get the rope to tie them, my, my, time for my chai, by.


  2. While you are at it how about getting me an 800 pound elephant to keep me warm? I think they have one for sale at the TV station.


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