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Thems shoes “Shoes ? ” Yep shoes “What they for ?’ They’re for walkin’ See this is the “right’ shoe it goes on your right foot And the other one there it’s the “left ” shoe and it goes on your left foot  ” Now that’s not bad but they’re not perfect ”  What you mean ” You got to lace ’em up and know how to tie a knot and I hear tell ya got to put on socks first That’s a hell of a lot to remember when you’re in hurry”


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  1. Can’t wear the right one or is it the left one. Had a foot splint, but don’t know which foot was the painful one. Can you help me says Ted as he was declared 4F. No, no. it was 4E. What is 4E? Even if there is a war, don’t come.


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