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The disability rights movement is the movement to help secure equal opportunities and equal rights for people with disabilities How the hell did I lose sight of that I so want to apologize to all members of Congress for all those attacks I made upon them for all those “smart remarks ” I have made about them in the past  I realize now how hard it must be for them to function in any capacity at all It might be helpful to them if they could start making brooms you know  Give them some sense of purpose some feeling of self worth Maybe some of them could knit socks for all those troops they sent into combat who are now lost and tattered souls wondering around aimlessly on city streets or hiding back into the woods someplace shaking morning noon and night Maybe some of them could work in soup kitchens feeding all the homeless and under-educated their legislative actions or inactions have created due to their mental disabilities Maybe we need a federal program to get them all fitted with glasses in an effort to correct their shortsightedness You know I would like to borrow an idea from Nazi Germany I think all members of Congress should be required to wear a big yellow C sewn on their clothing That way you could readily identify them and take pity on them Help them cross the street wipe their chins off now and then you know what I mean


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