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I was feeling a little down awhile back Wasn’t getting anywhere I don’t know I didn’t seem sure of my self I sort of moped around Finally some one said I should go get one of those self-improvement books Thought that was a great idea So I went to this off the main drag book store  and they had a “closeout ” section which immediately grabbed me So I find this strange book ’bout self help AND acquiring new skills kind of thing and for whatever reason I buy it As I am treading it I am getting this odd feelings Hard to explain I finish the book I am engrossed a bit heady a bit I don’t quite know Feeling mysterious What the hell is going’ on here Then I look at the jacket The jacket Why did I NOT see the jacket before No I did see the jacket Sure I did BUT I didn’t READ  the jacket before Turns out the author is a psychopath A convicted serial killer Here I am The new me The exciting me With new skills from a psychopath ” Hey buddy I was standing in line here  ” OMG


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