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The GOP constantly is uncomfortable with Social Security and Medicare those outlandish programs that serve those huddled masses all the useless ones out there struggling beyond the locked gates of the one percenters They talk in terms of forecasts projections the life time benefits of an individual versus the amount of taxes paid in to the programs They talk about the life expectancy male virus female They talk of insolvency I didn’t hear those kinds of fears expressed during the fourteen years of criminal war in Iraq How did they manage to spend millions and millions every day  destroying everything in sight killing wounding disfiguring mentally upsetting  some for the rest of their lives thousands and thousands of people Iraqi civilians US military the English the Canadians etc day after day falling dead Where  did that money come from to wage that horrible war I didn’t hear insolvency bankruptcy then I didn’t hear about cost overruns the terrible toll of human life in dollars and cents  then I didn’t hear about exceeding a budget then To hell with them GOPers Let them take a pay cut Limit their perks cut their pensions The dark suits are coming ! The dark suits are coming!


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