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Page 158 :  Elevator going up miz Step to the rear please miz Next floor a bazooka a palooka the late night shift a boat adrift a dispute a rift metaphors pinafores the Scottish moors the Danes the Swedes  stampedes heavy winter tweeds lots of pearl beads and people of all creeds Yes you will also find Velcro fascinating facts concerning the Alamo demographics  for San Luis Obispo a soliloquy reams of poetry disturbing information concerning poverty some suppressed federal documents some honorary former members of  some famous regiments a few filaments official permits incense a marriage license and a noisy domestic disturbance There’s a gunshot wound a dragoon trips to Kowloon a sales associate sneaking a drink of vermouth a hired sleuth and a directory for the city of Duluth Would you believe you will also find a catalogue from Spiegel and people looking regal and people doing some things that are strictly illegal a spacious pantry an alert sentry a written history of the eighteenth century and there’s a genuine boomerang some meringue that drink called Tang and people who use a lot of slang and I guess that’s it That’s the whole shebang

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