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Wait a minute will ya Boil your socks in corn oil Let Nature in all her splendor recoil Sing out hallelujah you had it coming’ to ya Remember the good times when your dear mother had influenza and in your grief you busted your head on her favorite cadenza  Sing out I say hallelujah ’cause you had it comin’ to ya  There was all that confusion when you suffered that contusion the medical community held fast in unity reached a conclusion What was needed was nuclear fusion And once more I say sing out hallelujah You know darn well you had it comin’ to ya I hear the refugees were sinkin’ in the Aegean and the Bolsheviks were selling’ stale pop corn in the Crimea and as I have stated before it’s time to sing out hallelujah I guess you had it comin’ to ya  I know you like to wear long  socks with your Boy Scout shorts drinking rye liquor in gallons and quarts whilst suffering’ amnesia and sipping milk of magnesia Don’t forget now to sing out hallelujah cause you sure had it comin’ to ya And the there was that time in Rotterdam when ya got poisoned on a piece of  kosher ham  and she said her name was Sam just visiting from someplace I think it was Siam But never mind just sing out hallelujah we all know you had it comin’ to ya Hallelujah


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