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You can still intimidate castigate incriminate investigate irritate illuminate discriminate or you can abdicate adjudicate translate accommodate activate or aggravate allocate alternate or punctuate calibrate generate chelate or even refrigerate demonstrate collate or commensurate complicate duplicate correlate decapitate or decorate or deflate donate deviate dominate or abbreviate If you so desired you could I believe elevate hesitate imitate illustrate proliferate indicate infiltrate inflate inoculate irritate liberate or liquidate laminate manipulate marinate masticate migrate misstate motivate vacate violate negate enumerate obligate operate orchestrate or overstate Perhaps you might think to punctuate penetrate permeate placate pontificate postulate regulate or relocate replicate resonate reverberate salivate separate stimulate stipulate suffocate or syndicate terminate vindicate vibrate vaccinate or validate There I might have sealed my fate


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