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One has only to look at the GOP gang of loony tunes and the electorate that put them there to see how far we have fallen Harshness cruelty stupidity all on the rise in this country Look at birthday cards Most are vulgar degrading inane demeaning and tasteless We have a national organization that promotes gun violence The NRA  We have a national sport that celebrates physical violence and actually pays criminals big money to smash opposing players  The NFL Then we have “comedians ” who host our late night shows Stephen Colbert – Not funny…Conan O’Brien- Not funny James Corden- Not funny… Greg Ferguson- Not funny… Seth Meyers- Not funny… Jimmy Fallon- Not Funny…   Jimmy Kimmel- Not funny  We have the police who go about shooting and killing  unarmed citizens  with impunity and then we have large corporations and CEO’S who bamboozle us lie to us who put our lives at risk who go unpunished even when found responsible for out right fraud and other criminal acts All things that an intelligent enlightened straight thinking society would not tolerate Yet we do DO YOU!


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