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Oh hey Is your skin red rough defoliated wrinkled crushed crusted flaky bruised abused or overly used  cracked porous bumpy or lumpy Not to worry Not to fret Don’t get upset Use Oh Hey Skin Cream It refreshes moisturizes soothes repairs straightens hydrates oven bakes tightens lightens cleanses and caulks your skin regardless of age regardless if you are alive or dead starving or well fed Guards against bowl weevils  corn borers and Berry Manilow How does it do that How do it work How you ask How Well I’ll tell you how It enriches hydrates collates fortifies satisfies filters enhances enriches carbonates triangulates percolates strains fluffs titrates polymerizes  your skin from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet You’ll look good you’ll look neat We’ll mail it to ya we’ll ship it air drop it send it by truck armored car high loader skate board tanker freight train drone or trained eagle Indian canoe or by Harley by Judd or by Jake for heaven’s sake Buy a jar buy a smear You’ll be glad you did my dear



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