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You could go buy some crystal in Bristol or eat an apple in the Sistine Chapel or tell tall tales in the south of Whales join a click in the Antarctic maybe get kinda of loopy in Guadalupe or go do what ya wanna in Botswana Get a head start in Stuttgart You could drink a few beers in Algiers do some business with a guy name of Sal in Nepal  buy a tutu in sunny Honolulu go insane while staying in Brisbane and you might just build a still somewhere in the jungles of Brazil or snore one night in Ecuador you could take a selfie in Nairobi or take part n a fad in Stalingrad become reborn in Melbourne stop to ask why in Uruguay drink lots of aqua in Nicaragua or you could develop a phobia in the middle of Cambodia or you just might swing with someone named Mario off to one side in Borneo or shout out Mama Mia in South Korea You might get sad in Trinidad or kick the can in Afghanistan suffer some bee stings in Hastings and perhaps you’ll find an old interesting silver teaspoon in a shop in Rangoon or a very old hack saw in Panama You might get a reprieve in Tel Aviv or lose a sock in a temple in Bangkok So go pack your bags with a few old rags and go make some tracks to some place like Halifax If you ever reach Estonia let me know and I’ll phone ya



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