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You might catch a breeze while you are in the Andes or buy some fresh fruit when you visit Beirut You could ring the chapel bells in the Dardanelles get real skinny as you tour New Guinea buy an egg roll in Soul or go astray while in Norway I suppose you could get pneumonia any time in New Caledonia or blow up a ballon in Kartoon or try to cast magic spells in the Dardanelles or you might break an arm or a leg in Winnipeg or sing allegro in Montenegro take a swig in Leitzig get a deep tan in Japan or go hang  with the gang over in Pyongyang You could go for a new look during you stay in Kirkuk or you could gather some shells in the Dardanelles get kind of vague in La Hague run free in Dundee call somebody name of Unice in Tunis or you could have some fun in Lisbon swim free in the Zuider Zee but you know you can’t play ice hockey in the city of Nagasaki  but you could go for some soy in Hanoi You could look snazzy in Benghazi stay loose in Belarus play tennis in Venus or read a good book some place in Tuebrook or perhaps have something sugar free in Calgary Be glad when you are in Chad and be discrete on the Isle of Crete and don’t be such a jerk in Dunkirk


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