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Let me see if I have this straight GOP stands strong for pro-life Very very strong But I think they demonstrate that after you are born you are on your own I think they support the NRA which shows a history of supporting gun ownership to the fullest extent no matter how many people are killed due to the lax gun laws we have So that means they are ok with providing viable live targets that can be shot down maimed wounded killed by crazed enraged psychotic gun owners So what they are not in favor of is protecting fully the lives of those fetuses once they come into this world  Where is the logic in all of that Do you suppose members of the NRA would change their mind’s once one of those deranged gun owners began targeting their membership How many NRA members would have to die by gun fire before they would as group change their attitude about gun control One Two Three maybe   Some of these people with this twisted logic are running for president and there are some voters with the same twisted logic that will support them Keep America safe MOVE TO CANADA


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  1. Is there a direct flight?


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